Take a look around you the next time you step out. It seems that no matter what time of day you try to travel, there is an endless traffic jam. Many a time drivers everywhere have at least once wished their vehicles would sprout wings and fly as roads now seem to be quite useless given just how many people are now trying to get out and about at any given time. In fact, it seems quite apt to give this situation the name ‘carpocalypse’; there are simply too many vehicles on the streets, it seems even more than people. However, it cannot be denied that automobiles have made our lives that much easier over the years. You could perhaps argue that they have affected our health negatively, but for the most part time is saved in chunks. Today, we are seeing some of the most advanced developments yet.


Gone are the days you twisted and turned in your seat desperately trying to get a good look at the back of your vehicle to make sure you do not go zooming off the road and into a lamppost or even worse another vehicle. More technically known as ‘rear-view reversing’, cars now come with a screen near the steering wheel that switches on when you begin to reverse. It clearly shows you what is behind, guiding you in the right direction. Of course it is best to occasionally look around yourself just for extra safety, however this has been quite successful for reversing.


Well different to the television show we all know and love, but yes night rider options. If you have had generally weak eyesight all your life and have had issues driving at night, this is a godsend. There are night vision cameras that will help you identify oncoming traffic, parked vehicles and other pedestrians. This is fantastic especially if you are in areas with less lights as can be the situation in deserted roads. A car that sees at night… we really do live in incredible times!


Although you might be swotting over your driver’s license, perhaps your children may not need to. Cars that are driverless are now becoming more and more talked about, with several companies having launched prototypes for testing. Of course it would need to be completely safe and reliable before it is launched amongst the public as a vehicle for everyday use, however it is undergoing tests and development currently that hope to combat those very issues. It is touted to be safer than regular driving on the road since it will be controlled via sensors and probably more cautious than ordinary drivers.


Honestly, even though these may seem like sub-plots of a science fiction story set years from now, they are very much within our reach. Some are already in place such as rear-view reversing and others such as driverless vehicles are in the works. However, you need not wait for your great-grandchildren to enjoy it… within the next 5-10 years it is sure to begin its first appearance; tentatively perhaps, but it will eventually in full force. The future of yesterday is here.

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