April 24, 2017 Most popular speed records

Most popular speed records

People have always been interested in speed. Since historic times people have had races to see the fastest. There are many types of races ranging from 100 meters, horse races, dog races, boat races, chariot racing, car racing, bike racing etc. The winner of these races gains fame and prizes. There are so many races we cannot keep track of it. We usually believe that the faster the better.  Since records became popular many have tried to break records in their respective categories. Some records have stood the test of time and some are broken at regular intervals. Here’s a list of some popular speed records.

Horse racing record

The fastest speed recorded in horse race was on 14th May 2008. The horse name Winning Brew reached the speed of 70.76 kilometres per hour. Winning Brew broke the record held earlier by a horse named Hawkster who recorded a speed of 60.86 kilometres per hour on 14th October 1989.

Land speed record

The fastest land speed record is held by a vehicle named ThrustSSC operated by Andy Green. It recorded a high speed of 1,227.985 kilometres per hour. The ThrustSSC was a custom built jet propelled car. This was also the first land vehicle to break the sound barrier.

Fastest man

The fastest man is Usain Bolt. He ran the 100m in 9.58 seconds in Berlin. He also holds the record for 200m which makes him the first person to hold both 100 and 200m records. He has broken these records several times earning him the media nickname “lightning bolt”.

Fastest manned aircraft

The fastest manned rocket powered aircraft record is held by the North-American X-15A-2 piloted by William J Knight on October 3rd 1967. It reached speeds of 7,270 kilometres per hour which is Mach 6.7. The flight was deemed too fast and it had many failures and flight equipment supplies had to be brought all the time for replacement, therefore it was retired on December 1868.

Water speed record

The Spirit of Australia was a wooden speed boat. It was built by Ken Warby in his backyard and broke the water speed record on 8th October 1978. The Spirit of Australia reached speeds of 275.98 kilometres per hour and hasn’t been broken to this day.

Fastest motorcycle speed record

The fastest speed recorded in a motorcycle is held by Rocky Robinson using a custom built 1,299 cc motorcycle named the Ack Attack which reached speeds of 605.698 kilometres per hour on 25th of September 2010. This record has been regularly broken between a few motorcycles and has always been switching between each other.


Image Credit: Speedometer

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