Today, it seems next-to-impossible to turn on your television or radio or read a newspaper or website without coming across at least one story on a daily basis that involves an accident. While we would like to blame everything else for this sad situation, and despite all of the technology that is being applied, it cannot be denied that most accidents are purely down to human error. Although driverless cars are in the works, it will be some time before they replace all vehicles on the road. Which means that you as a driver out there need to exercise more caution not just for your sake, but for the sake of your loved ones and everyone else out there on the road. Take care of yourself and each other by being more responsible.


Given the large percentage of accidents that this is responsible for from the total number, you would think that people would have quit this dangerous habit by now. However, it is still continuing at a very high risk to everyone involved. Drunk driving is not just a matter of getting fined or serving jail time. You are gambling with people’s lives including your own, which is a very poor way to repay those who love and respect you. There is nothing wrong with having a good night out in town with your friends, just remember to do so responsibly. If you know you are going to be drinking, cab it for the night. Additionally, do not get into a vehicle with a drunk driver.


The slogan ‘speed kills’ did not come up for no reason. For some reason, people especially youth seem to think they are invincible and that every road out there is an F1 track. Well they are not. They are regular roads to be driven on by regular people unless it is a highway and you are allowed to go above the speed limit that is applicable to that particular route. Once again, you are endangering the lives of everyone out there by being so reckless. If you do like racing, then get yourself onto a track that is designed for that purpose and do not practice on normal roads, it is sheer stupidity.


There is a reason you are taught to keep both your hands on the steering wheel at all times. Should there be a sudden need for swerving or moving out of the way, you can do so with a proper grip. Still however, there are plenty of people you will see out there who linger on their mobile phones with just one hand to steer and this is terribly dangerous. Some cars now come in with Bluetooth which makes things easier as you need not hold onto the handset; but it is worth noting that driving is also a matter of concentration not just putting your mobile phones away so bear this in mind.


The generic features of a vehicle are there because they serve a purpose. Seatbelts are one such aspect which again people seem to think they can ignore. Seatbelts save lives and this needs to be drilled in over and over again. If you travel with someone who thinks they do not need it, ask them to wear it or get out and walk. It is better than having to deal with the repercussions later, and frankly you should not be around people who put so little value to their lives and yours.

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